After three years, CARSUN CASTER has made an appointment with you for the DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo

As time goes by, the DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo is about to kick off. This grand exhibition has attracted the attention of many enterprises and professionals. As a member of the casters industry, CARSUN CASTER will also make another appearance at this exhibition.

After three years, the DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo has reopened. During this period, CARSUN CASTER continuously devoted themselves to product research and innovation, striving to improve their technical level and product quality. At the same time, conduct in-depth market research, understand customer needs, and continuously optimize product design and performance. Nowadays, the products of CARSUN CASTER have become a highly anticipated focus in the industry.


At this exhibition, CARSUN CASTER will showcase its latest developed products, which not only demonstrate outstanding design and performance, but also fully consider customer needs and user experience. They hope that through this exhibition, more people will understand the products of CARSUN CASTER, as well as CARSUN‘s brand and philosophy.

At the same time, CARSUN CASTER also looks forward to establishing contact with more customers at this exhibition, understanding their needs and feedback. CARSUN CASTER believes that only through communication and communication with customers can we better meet their needs and improve product quality and performance.

2023 DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo (3)

2023 DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo (4) 2023 DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo (5)

The DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo, led by technology and innovation, is a collaborative platform dedicated to connecting technology and industry, empowering industries, and promoting a holistic ecosystem. The exhibits include CNC machine tools, CNC cutting tools, intelligent manufacturing systems, industrial robots, sheet metal lasers, plastics and packaging, mold manufacturing, industrial internet, industrial measurement, 3D printing, precision parts, digital factories, artificial intelligence, die-casting casting, hardware tools, metal materials, and other fields, covering raw and auxiliary materials, key components, advanced manufacturing equipment, and overall solutions Personalized customization and other innovative technologies and products in the global intelligent manufacturing industry chain have won the trust of the industry due to their large scale, complete range of categories, and large audience, becoming a benchmark for advanced manufacturing technology innovation in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area.

On November 27-30, 2023, the DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo (the 24th DMP International Mold, Metal Processing, Plastic and Packaging Exhibition) will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (New Hall). The exhibition covers an area of 240000 square meters, focusing on digital, intelligent, and personalized innovative technologies and solutions for different industries.

CARSUN CASTER Booth No.: Hall 3, 3N16

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Post time: Oct-25-2023